BSc / MSc Theses / Projects

Application is closed now!

This page gives an overview on thesis and (advanced) project work done and offered by the Machine Learning and High Performance Computing (MLHPC) group for both undergraduate and graduate students. A link to the topics and all organizational details including deadlines, rules, etc. are presented. Read the whole page carefully!

What topics are available?

Students aiming for doing a thesis/project in the MLHPC group can choose among the topics presented as one-page write-ups at the bottom of this page. In addition to the 8 described projects, another four thesis co-supervisions with the company Acronis are planned. Only the now posted topics (plus these 4 so far unpublished Acronis topics) are available for choice.

How are topics assigned to students?

Students can submit three favorite topics (ordered as first, second and third choice) together with their recent transcript / a screenshot of their Campusnet results and, if of interest for the student, a short motivation.

Submission is done via this form. (Only available to people with a valid JU account.)

The deadline for this submission is the until Friday, January 14, 2022.

Only students that submit their request in this format will be considered. There will be no further requirement. The assignment of the topics will be sent out by P. Zaspel soon after the deadline.

I’m looking for a Data Engineering Advanced Project, but only thesis topic proposals are given. What shall I do?

In principle, you should still choose among one of the thesis topics. We would use your project as a slow start into the direction of that final thesis. In that sense, the thesis topics are also rather involved and it might indeed make sense to start early into an Advanced Project related to the thesis field to be well prepared for the thesis.

I cannot distinguish between BSc and MSc thesis projcts. So how do I know, which to choose?

The topics are quite general and should be “modifiable” such that they nicely fit in both, BSc and MSc, context.

What happens after you have been assigned a topic?

The work on your thesis / project starts in the second week of the semester. There will be a mandatory weekly meeting on

  • Mondays, starting at 15:45, via Teams (ZaspelStudents team)

for all students associated to the Machine Learning and High Performance Computing group. At the beginning, P. Zaspel uses this meeting to give further background on thesis writing. Over the time, the meeting is used such that students give an update on their progress on a weekly basis. This involves a short presentation by each student. All questions that have come up will be discussed. Moreover, students document their progress in a dedicated Moodle course (ZaspelStudents), where each student has her/his on page to store all relevant information.

At the beginning of the project/thesis, certainly, each student will have at least one longer one-to-one meeting with the supervisor. This might be repeated later, if necessary.

Do you have further questions?

Write a brief email to P. Zaspel. However, be reminded: Only the now posted topics are available for choice. (This also excludes topics proposed by a student.)

Available thesis/project topics:

You will find the final list of topics here. (Only available to people with valid JU account.)